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Wedding budget

The day has been set and everyone is in high spirits about the big day. What's better than knowing when you will be walking down the aisle to profess your love for your partner on your wedding day? Once all the hype settles down reality will begin to set in. You have the date so now its time to let the planning begin. Before planning anything I would suggest sitting down and creating a wedding budget. If your parents or someone close to you are going to share the expenses then it would be smart to involve them in this. You need to figure out how much you have to spend so you can plan accordingly. I would categorize the list into must haves, needs, and then wants. This will help you budget for the most important things but still allow you to get the things you want as well. Include on your list an estimated column and a real cost tab. For now you will just be writing down the estimations for everything and once you start planning you can pencil in the exact amount.

Must Haves:

These are things that almost all couples require for their wedding to be a success but of course you can always adjust to fit your preferences.

Church, Church Fees, Minister Fees
This can vary depending on your religion and the churches methods. Some require a small church fee as well as a minister fee while others charge nothing.

Reception Site Fee
This is where your reception will be held and sometimes can be rather expensive.

Unless you plan on cooking yourself this is something I would recommend budgeting for.

Brides Gown
Of course this is one of the most important things to the bride herself so have fun shopping for it. You can find something beautiful, and elegant at an affordable price if you shop around a bit.

Grooms Attire
This is usually something is pretty easy to choose for most men and doesn't run that much money. Depending on the bride she may want to tag along to help pick out something that she believes will coordinate well with her dress.

Wedding Budget:

Wedding Budget without careful planning and proper management may simply go awry. It provides a brief outline of the amount, that proposed couples need to spend on their marriage ceremony.

Conventionally, the parents of the bride had to pay for large chunk of wedding expenses. It is completely untrue for modern couples. Couples, who can afford to pay for the entire expenses themselves, need to take it easy. Those who want their families to come forward need to have a frank discussion with them.

Although, the cost of an average wedding comes to around 25,000 $, couples need to base their wedding budget depending on availability and affordability.

Below mentioned are some of the options beneficial while outlining a wedding budget:-

If parents are contributing specific dollars, then the couple could determine the wedding budget accordingly and make up for any differences.

Parents can help in terms of expenditure for certain wedding items, such as catering, rehearsal dinner or the bride’s attire. It is up to the couples, to figure out the expenditures for other items.

Embark on a particular set of budget and then, split them evenly. It is a good solution for divided families. For instance, the bride’s father, bride’s mother and the parents of groom may contribute 5000 $ in a wedding budget amounting 20,000 $.

Based on the region, fix a budget amounting to 100 $ for each wedding guest. This permits 50 $ for catering with the remaining 50 $ going towards attire, flowering and other purposes.

Decide on the number of guests that would accompany the wedding. Set a particular count and then, add up for unexpected guests and other relatives that may turn up for the wedding and prepare a budget accordingly.

Get Back to the Basics:

Begin with a budget planning worksheet for figuring the basics. In case, the hall cost is already known, adjust the other numbers to sum it up.

Ask other married brides in the area as to their expenditure on vendors, to figure whether such numbers need to be adjusted or are realistic.

Decide on tasks based on priority. Select 2 or 3 items that are urgent.

Fill out a wedding Questionnaire. It would help in segregating the vital things from the unimportant. In small weddings, maintaining a catering bill would be sufficient.

Begin by glancing at the budget and rejecting anything that isn't required. For instance, if both the reception and ceremony are arranged in a single location, transportation costs can be avoided.

Avail help from friends in the wedding industry. Ask for discount if possible.

It is better to have a small wedding, so that a lot of savings can be done for the wedding party.

Once the budget is set, it is important to stick to it and do not make any further unnecessary changes in the itinerary.

Ways to Save Money on Budget:

Cutting down on invitations: New addition to the list increases the budget by a substantial amount, since it includes favors, centerpieces and rentals. Unwanted work colleagues can be simply removed from the list of invitees. Couples can also shunt categories such as, friends from volunteer work or, relatives more distant than first cousins.

Saving Postage on Wedding Invitations: Save on additional costs for envelope and other expenses related to it. Couples, who wish to have fewer invitees during their wedding and who, embark on the budget need to relinquish the blotter paper and the inner envelope. Better ask guests to reply by the telephone or online, rather than a reply card. It would save the printing costs and postage expense.

Online Shopping for Cheap Products: Check out the sample sales that happen once a year. Purchase designer dresses from these outlets at cheap prices. Internet sites such as Craigslist, Ebay and other sites provide good deals on wedding accessories. With plenty of towns having shops, where individuals can rent their wedding dress, couples can save on hundreds of dollars.

Save Money on the Church Decorations: Plan the wedding close to churches situated near major tourist destinations during religious ceremonies. The churches will be already decorated, thus saving plenty on flowers. Search for simplicity. Candlelit ceremonies are mostly inexpensive, gorgeous and romantic.



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