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Losing Weight Safely

Being overweight can hurt self esteem in most people often leading to depression and if your about to walk down the aisle nothing is more important to you then how you look on your wedding day.

Those who are over their expected weight limit can have life long health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, , and other serious illnesses. By losing weight safely you will greatly reduce the risk of this ever happening.

The Doctor and You
Set realistic goals for yourself and by confiding in your doctor about what you want to accomplish he will be able to assist in helping you set simple goals based on a proper weight for your age, build and height.

Most people who are active daily need around 2,500 calories daily. Other men and inactive women only require about 2,000 calories per day. To be safe and start out slow try to subtract 300-500 calories to your diet. By doing this you will eventually start losing 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Exercise 20 Minutes
Do at least 20 minutes of exercise to start with. This can be simple things such as brisk walking or riding a bike. This is not only good exercise but it can help you relax.

The main goal about watching calories is to burn off more than what you consume while eating.. You will need to try to dispose of the day's calories and at least a small percentage of the calories you have stored in your body.

Eat Less Fat and Sugar
You will be able to cut calories drastically if you are able to cut out sugar and fat completely. Fatty desserts and fried foods can use up a day's calories quickly. There is nothing healthy in these kinds of food so if you can avoid them at all cost. If you must have some kind of sugary snack try to choose one that is at least low in fat.

Eat a Wide Variety Of Foods
Variety in the diet helps you get all the vitamins and other nutrients you need while still satisfying your cravings. Make sure to drink at least 5 eight ounce glasses of water a day, The more you can drink the better.

Diet Pills

When you are under stress to lose weight for your wedding most people look for quick results and it usually ends in failure. Several people look for diet pills that promise quick results with drastic weight loss in just a few short days. Any plan or pill that promise miracles over night is only leading you straight for disaster. The safest way to lose weight is eat right, exercise and drink as much water as possible. Taking diet pills will not only give you bad results in the end it can be dangerous to your health. With all the diet pills on the market today with several of them being sold without proper testing they often have sever side effects.

Things to talk to your doctor about:
Is there any health risks for me while attempting to lose weight?
What costs do you think I will face.

Have them help you create a safe meal and exercise plan that you can stick with.

In the end you will not only be a beautiful bride but also a very healthy person who has chose to give themselves a positive future.

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