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Wedding Invitation is a form of letter requesting the recipientís presence on the auspicious day of wedding. Typically, wedding invitation is posted to the recipient 4 to 6 weeks prior to wedding date. Wedding invitation is printed using different methods namely, lithography, engraving, letterpress printing, thermography and oftentimes sightless embossing. The artistically inclined people make use of handmade cards for wedding invitation.

Customarily, the parents of the brideís coordinate the wedding invitation, as they are hosts of the marriage ceremony. The mother of the bride normally sends the invitations and accepts replies. If a wedding is hosted by some distant relative, then the couples themselves send the wedding invitation.

A perfect wedding invitation gets the first glimpse of the invitees, who share the special event with wedding couples. A wedding invitation reflects the personality of the wedded couples. Different designs of the wedding cards tune out different theme and express the style of wedding. The design of the wedding invitation need not be overlooked, as it personifies the attributes of the ceremonies. Itís good to have a unique wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation Styles:

Wedding Invitation needs to give an idea about the style prevalent in the wedding. For instance, heavy embossed invitation card that have classic typeface indicates a formal marriage ceremony, on the other hand, a written wedding invitation indicates an informal wedding.

Wedding Invitation comes in various sizes, shapes, and designs. A design spanning right from the traditional days to contemporary, colors from aesthetic pastel to vibrant and earthy, paper from banana fiber, handmade, silk-laid to classic art cards, are available. The rates vary as per the quality and design pattern of the wedding invitation. Nowadays, there is great flair for the exquisite colorful photographs and beautiful poems that make wedding invitation unique.

A classical and formal wedding invitation is reserved for the individuals, who are concerned about the etiquette of the wedding. If an individualís profession is related to the field of construction, then design of the wedding invitation can inscribe various architectural patterns and drawings. It signifies an individualís career.

The following points are considered, while choosing the style and color for the wedding invitation:

Wedding Theme: Wedding invitation needs to reflect the wedding theme.
Religious Belief: The religious beliefs need to be incorporated while organizing the wedding invitation, as it signifies the personís belief and propriety.
Subsequent to the decision of style and color of wedding invitation, it is important to decide on the wording of the card. Traditionally, wordings printed on the wedding invitation are formal, contemplating the seriousness of event. However, presently couples do go for less formal cards. Whatever is the instance, the wedding invitation has to contain all the essential information, mainly hosts, the couple, brideís relationship with the host, date and time of ceremony, RSVP and address for replying. Nowadays, people include phone number in the wedding invitation to enable the guest respond early on their presence in the wedding.

Several typeface or lettering options are available for wedding invitation. The style of inscription needs to go with the formality of the event. Consider ink color that is perfect with the selected typeface. If a couple is planning to use gold or silver ink, then it is best to select a clear typeface, since the readability is fine.

Besides, it is thoughtful to include detailed map of the locality where wedding is held. This will help the guests, who are perhaps not familiar about the place.

Unique Invitations Ideas:

Few couples try to present unusual wedding invitation to the guests. For instance, sending scroll invitations which are received by the guests in tubes and not in envelopes. This is an ideal wedding invitation style for the couples planning to hold wedding in Renaissance style.

If a couple is planning to have a destination wedding, then they can send travel wallet or small suitcase designed wedding invitations to the guests. These unique and stylish wedding invitations are remembered by people all through life.

A concert fan can use artificial concert tickets to make wedding invitation. They can engrave the name of the bride and bridegroom in the main event of the tickets. Above mentioned are just few unique invitation ideas, which can display the creativity of the wedding hosts or the bride and groom.

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