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Unique Wedding Ideas

Have you recently become engaged and are now planning the wedding of your dreams ? So many couples struggle with what type of wedding to have all the time. Most people think you need to spend hundreds of dollars on the wedding to make it special but that's not true. There are so many ways to have a beautiful wedding while making it everything you ever dreamed of. The key to making you and your partner happy is planning a wedding that your both going to cherish and remember forever. You can make it unique, fun and romantic all in one by just being creative. The first thing I would suggest before ever hiring a wedding planner or bringing in the family  would be to go out for a nice romantic dinner for two so you can discuss what expectations and wishes you each have for the wedding. Then once you have an idea of what you are both wanting then you can bring in the families ideas and even hire a wedding planner if you wish. Once you know what everyone wants the fun can begin. You
  can the combine all ideas into something great.
Staying Traditional
If staying traditional is a must then things you can do to make your wedding unique is by adding a new tradition such as wearing a hair clip or veil that has been in your family for generations. Or have the groom do something silly such as throwing the bouquet to the guys instead of you throwing it to your girlfriends.

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The Menu
The menu always seems to be an issue at most weddings. The bride and groom may prefer lamb while the in laws want steak or seafood. Of course its about personal preferences but if your budget doesn't allow you to cover many different choices then substitute them all for something more simple and inexpensive such as chicken or roast. One other thing that can make the menu a success is a decorative wedding cake. If your up for new things then why not choose a personalized wedding cake such as a picture cake of you two on your first date or a replica of something funny you two have shared in your years together.
The location you choose can make your wedding more unique than you could have ever imagined. With thousands of destinations in the world the choices are endless. You could have a lovely beach wedding with everyone dressed in swimsuits and have a luau for the reception. A waterfall wedding would be beautiful for pictures but maybe a bit noisy. A wedding aboard a cruise ship would not only be romantic but would be convenient for a honeymoon afterwards if you are eloping. If your not a water person then how about doing something silly such as flying to Vegas for a Elvis wedding or jumping out of an airplane while repeating your wedding vowels?
This is just a few ideas to make your wedding unique but no matter how conservative or daring you are just talk with your partner and find what works best for you both and with a little creativity your wedding will be unique and a memory that you will always cherish.

Article by Paul Aloha Oahu wedding of Hawaii
 Aloha Island Weddings

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