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Before you decide, interview several photographers. Ask to see examples of
their work.  Remember the album youíll see is a composite of many weddings and
his best work. Keep these questions in mind while reviewing their albums:
Do all the pictures look alike?
Are all the poses traditional?
Are any pictures taken at bad angles?
Do backgrounds detract from the pictures?
Did the photographer capture emotions or personal style of the bride & groom?
Is the work creative?
How much attention is paid to details? Look for bouquets held at poor angles.
In group pictures  are all the arms and hands positioned well? Are all the
menís jackets buttoned?
Consider if the photographerís style matches your personalities. A reliable
expert with a good reputation may not take the type of pictures your prefer.
Youíll spend a good part of the day working closely with the photographer.
Hire someone you like personally. Animosity between the two of you may create
upsetting distractions or a failure to communicate your preferences. 
Ask if the person you meet with in the studio will be the one who will
actually take pictures at your wedding. Also inquire whether they will bring
an assistant. Ask to meet this person to be sure you will  like working with
them as well.

Questions to ask your photographer
Are you available on my wedding date?
Are you familiar with the ceremony and reception locations?
Do you have a brochure outlining your policies and packages?
Will we be asked to sign a contract?
What does the package price include? (Proofs, number of wedding prints, album,
engagement picture,
bridal portrait, etc.)
What types of albums do you offer? Costs?
How much will extra prints cost?
How many rolls of film will you shoot?
How many hours does this package include? 
Does the clock start when you leave your studio?
Are there any extra charges for assistants?
How many proofs will there be?
How long do you keep the negatives? How long will I be able to order
additional prints?
When are payments due? (Typically 50% is required at time of booking and the
balance at the time of
proof selection.)
Is the deposit refundable?
Who select the final pictures, the photographer or the bride & groom?
How long after the wedding will my proofs be ready?
How long after we select our proofs will we receive the albums?

Photography check list

In the excitement of your wedding day it can be easy to forget certain shots.
Donít trust these to memory. Before the wedding go through the list below and
check the shots you absolutely must have.  
Note which shots you want prior to the ceremony, during the ceremony and after
the ceremony.
Note which shots should be casual and which posed.
Note any special lighting effects you want.
Note where shots should be taken. (In the church, outside, at the reception
Not all shots listed here are required and if there are other shots you want,
go ahead. Itís your wedding!
Provide the photographer with this list
before the wedding day so he will know how to plan the shooting schedule.

Suggested shots:

Bride finishing makeup
Bride with bouquet
Brideís mother or maid of honor helping put on the veil
Bride with mother
Bride with father
Bride with both parents
Bride with grandparents
Bride with her family
Bride with children in the wedding
Bride: full length portrait
Bride with bridesmaids
Bride with groomsmen
Bride with maid of honor
Bride leaving home
Bride arriving at the church
Bride getting dressed
Groom getting dressed
Ushers getting boutonnieres
Groom with his parents/step-parents
Groom with his father/step-father
Groom with his mother/step-mother
Groom with grandparents
Groom with children in the wedding
Groom with groomsmen
Groom with Bridesmaids
Groom with best man
Groom with officiant
Signing the marriage certificate
Guests outside the church
Usher escorting guests
Usher/Groom seating brideís mother/step-parents
Usher/Groom seating groomís parents/step-parents
Groom and attendants at altar
Bride coming down the aisle
Giving away ceremony
Unity candle ceremony
Bride and Groom with minister
Exchange of vows
Ring ceremony
Presenting roses to mothers
Kneeling in prayer
Bride and groom recessional
Attendants recessional
Parentsí recessional
Bride & groom with family members
Bride and groom leaving church
Bride and groom together, posed
Bride and groom with entire wedding party
Bride and groom with his parents/family
Bride and groom with her parents/family
Bride and groom with both sets of parents
Bride and groom with attendants
Bride and groom with female attendants
Bride and groom with male attendants
Bride and groom with children in the wedding
Bride and groom with children
Bride and groom in vehicle
Receiving line
Bride and groom entering reception hall
Buffet table
The wedding cake
Cutting the cake
Serve cake to bride
Serve cake to groom
Bride and groom at head table
Parents at family table
Bride and groom dancing
Bride and her father dancing
Groom and his mother dancing
The musicians
Bride and groom with guests
Guest book signing
Garter toss
Bouquet toss
Bride preparing to leave
Groom preparing to leave
Good by hugs to parents
Tossing rice/ bubbles/rose petals.
Good bye wave

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