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Here are some bridal question that you should ask your wedding vendors

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A. Ask friends, who have recently been married, for referrals.
A well-established bridal shop, with a good reputation, is your best bet.

B. Take note of the atmosphere as well as the selection of overall dresses
bridal shop
Do they represent many major manufacturers, or only a few?
Is the inventory current and fresh looking? You'll be trusting the salon with a
major purchase, so you should definitely feel comfortable with the place and the people.

C. You will want to be sure that you're patronizing a full-service shop,
with someone on their staff who will do alterations on site.
Many brides return for two or three fittings and, in most shops,
every alteration will cost money (sometimes hundreds of dollars).
Be sure to ask for an up-front price chart so you'll have a good idea
of the total cost of the dress before making a commitment.

D. Discounters and dealers with little or no inventory, are often struggling to survive
Never order a gown from a shop that does not do business directly with the manufacturer.
Ask them, point blank, "Are you an authorized dealer for this manufacturer?"
If you question their response, call the manufacturer yourself.
Their telephone numbers are in the bridal magazines.
They will tell you whether that shop is an authorized dealer.


A. Even before you buy you wedding ring you find your gown first  visiting a shop, leaf through bridal publications and mark the pages with any gowns or details that appeal to you. This will help your consultant understand your tastes
and save both of you time.
Visit Web Sites of bridal gown manufacturers. Use your printer to print photos that you find there. Never buy a gown on the internet from someone you don't know.

B. Even if you think you may know what dress you want, keep an open mind, are you a tradition bride or a modern bride
Try on different designs. With so many choices available, you may find
it is easy to become "snow-blinded." Have the bridal consultant promptly discard your rejects.

C. Never try to "make a gown over." Custom design, while possible, can be expensive.
It rarely works as well people envision.

D. If you want a second opinion, bring a trusted friend, someone who shares your same tastes as well as someone who has your interests at heart.
Never bring a committee-of-ten, a jealous sister, or anyone who does not
understand why someone would want to get married.

E. Have your consultant record your favorite choices.
A full-service salon will maintain a file for you, retaining the style information you will
need later to order your gown from them.


Many bridal shops are individually owned and do not have the same policies.
Ask about the fine print before you order. Important questions, rarely asked, include:
1. Will you "involve me" in the size to be ordered? Store samples are not always accurate.
2. When will the balance of my gown be due? Never pay more than 50% up front.
3. What payment methods are acceptable for the balance? Some shops require cash.
4. What if my gown comes in early? When will the balance be due? Will you store it for me?
5. How soon before my wedding should I schedule an appointment with the seamstress?
6. After my final fitting, is there a charge to press my gown?
Can I pick it up on Friday before my wedding?

Restate their answers. If you misunderstand something, they can correct themselves, and you will avoid a frustration later on.
Place your order when you are comfortable.


Sometimes it is nice to have someone to talk to about your worries.
massage candles , bridal pampering is very important to help the bride relieve stress
A good bridal shop and a skilled consultant can help put your mind at ease and add a
manicure or pedicure on top of that.
While they cannot promise that you are marrying the right person, a true wedding
professional, at a full-service shop, can reassure you that they will do
everything possible to make sure your wedding day is as perfect for you as you
had always dreamed it would be.

Article by Dream Star Team

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Hi there,
My fiance and I are planning to get married in Hawaii on march 25, it will be our 3rd year anniversary so we really want that date. Only problem is - weather. I have done a little research and found that the rainiest months are Feb and March and one of the islands that receives the most rain is Honolulu which is where we are wanting the wedding to take place. I have also been searching and searching for hours to try and find a package or some help with planning my wedding and think that your company would be best. We definately want a beach wedding ( I am in love with the picture you have of the chairs for the cermony set up with pink bows on the back of the chairs with the ocean in front). I would love something like that. We were also thinking of having our reception at a luau??? Is that even possible? The picture you have of the Hau Tree lanai for reception is gorgeous too.We are coming from Canada so I can't see there being a great deal of people but you never know. We also will need a photographer, we want black and white and colour photos.  I guess I can get into all the details later. Please get back to me with a little help - i feel so lost and flustered and it's 10 months away!!!
Miranda Oliver ( Bride to be)
Hi there,



Caterer     Flowers  Musicians   Cake Baker  Videographer  Photographer 
Reception   invitation  Limousine



Article by Dream Star Team

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