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Going Abroad To Take The Plunge
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Hawaii wedding

So the answer  has been yes  : to live the rest of your lives together to stick together through thick and thin, rich or poor, ect ...there are many questions to ask now, one of the most important  is to select the right location for your wedding, which is often a hard task to accomplish because there are so many factors to consider should we just run off the two of us? get away from all the stress?
or maybe have a wedding at our local church where there might be hundreds guest and that means hundreds of mopuths to feed.

So Home-sweet-home or exotic destination resorts with long white beaches where you can rest under a palm-tree
Maybe Hawaii , Fiji , Tahiti or Bora Bora these are the latest fads in the Destination wedding locations?

Maybe Europe??

Have you ever thought of walking hand in hand long the Arno river and crossing the Old Bridge or long Venetian canals on the Rialto bridge? And maybe spend your first night in a Medieval castle located on a hill in the heart of Tuscany? You will never forget your awaking the day after!

Take your chance and make your dream come true: pronounce your vows in the romantic atmosphere that no other cities but Florence, Rome or Venice can create.

Your wedding will be celebrated in marvelous rooms with antique furniture that will re-create the magical atmosphere of the Renaissance period. For instance, Florence: weddings are celebrated in Palazzo Vecchio, the most ancient and famous palace where the Medici family used to live in the XV century.

The National Destination Wedding market

The National Destination Wedding market is high all over the united states, USA Photographers ,Video  merchants, and service providers for vacation and honeymoon related to wedding is on the increase

It is Said in forecast magazines that the wedding and honey moon vacation industry is a booming-proof business that generates over $60 billion a year in ceremony destination wedding. And when you add air flight tickets hotels and wedding gifts, or any thing related to a ceremony for the couple it come out to a huge chuck of money,

When you advertise in this bridal market, you know that you’re finding dedicated websites to the industry are few in between out to a very conscious thinking bride and groom ,  that are willing to to fork over hard cash to find the quality services and products you may notice the TV programs such as platinum bride television shows or the hilarious Bridezilla weddings and island favorites to the start Hawaii weddings

 will help you target this audience if your looking for advertising just in  wedding photography we will find the the wedding couples for you in that field, We offering you over and above your expectations ,

So jump on board my friends, the wedding business has changed over the years and the internet is the new way to advertise from bridal of dresses, tableware, and linen, and expanded to include the fullest range of home products, consumer electronics, major appliances, and financial services.

The bride and the groom will be escorted by the Giannizzeri, the guards that once escorted Lorenzo il Magnifico.

"Florence was a wonderful place for the two of us to go off and get married in." - say Joe and Cathy Bryan - "The ceremony itself was held in a building from the 13th century, in a room decorated with paintings and rugs and furniture from centuries past. It couldn't have been more romantic."

The first question is: will it be hard to arrange the whole ceremony, especially paperwork? Will my wedding be valid in my country if the marriage is celebrated abroad?

Well, the problem can be easily solved: just rely on an agency that can offer full assistance for organization and coordination. In Florence you have the Agency ATLANTIS TRADUZIONI S.N.C., which can handle all paperwork, photographer & florist coordination and offer a wide range of top quality services that will render your wedding day the most memorable and unique in your life.

"With the assistance of Atlantis Traduzioni s.n.c., it couldn't have been more convenient" - continue Joe and Cathy Bryan - "Almost all of the arrangements were taken care of before we got to Florence. We only had to spend less than two hours helping prepare the necessary documents before the ceremony. We were very happy with how everything turned out."

"When I first attempted to arrange my wedding in Italy with only two months notice I received nothing but negative responses." - say Michael Szilagyi - "I searched the internet, the library, travel agencies, etc. and everyone responded with, 'It's not possible in two months...!' You can imagine my excitement when Elena and Sandra of Atlantis Traduzioni s.n.c. responded with 'We wish to thank you for your kind message of May 9th and shall be pleased to assist you ...' Within a couple of weeks and after a few emails and faxes, I had scheduled appointment for civil wedding ceremony at the Palazzo Vecchio, the City Hall of Florence, followed by a religious blessing at St. James, a local Episcopal church. Atlantis Traduzioni s.n.c. also arranged a photographer, the bridal bouquet, the civil ceremony witnesses and interpreter, and many other accommodations for the honeymoon with impeccable taste. My wife and I were very pleased with their professionalism as well as their thoroughness. Atlantis Traduzioni s.n.c. exceeded my expectations with their services and arranged a most memorable experience for me and my wife."

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