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Help Section
Gifts from the bride

As a bride, you will likely have the pleasure of receiving many gifts. Just as pleasant is the presentation of gifts to the people you wish to acknowledge at this important time in your life.

We offer here some suggestions for gifts.

Please choose from the following recipients:

Practical, Tangible, Memorable...

Anniversary gifts for the earlier years of marriage tend to be more practical household items. For later celebrations, such as the 25th anniversary, they tend to be more along the luxury line. When giving anniversary gifts, be creative and make the gift memorable. Even if you follow the list of Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts or Contemporary Wedding Anniversary Gifts, you can have a lot of fun using your imagination. For instance, to celebrate the first anniversary, "paper" (on the traditional list) could mean tickets to the theatre or a concert. The lists are merely guides that show the traditional gift that has been matched with each anniversary. Exceptions, of course, can be made; what really counts is the thought behind the gift. After all, if you really need furniture come your second anniversary, then why wait until your 17th (as suggested on the contemporary list)?

An anniversary gift can be a tangible item, such as an engraved silver platter, or an opportunity for a new experience, such as an exotic food/art/gardening tour through Europe. For sports fans, try VIP seats to a major sporting event in or out of town, if both the husband and wife would enjoy it! (Personally, I think a Boston Bruins - Montreal Canadians playoff game in Boston, with a side trip to Martha's Vineyard, sounds wonderfully romantic.)

Other choices high on the sentimental list might include a family portrait taken by a professional photographer, a commissioned piece of art (especially if the artist is a relative or friend), or a poem or song written for the celebration.

A husband and wife may buy anniversary gifts for each other, and may sometimes receive gifts from very close friends or family. Generally speaking, though, they shouldn't expect anniversary gifts from other people except for a landmark anniversary (e.g., the 25th). Such an occasion might be celebrated with an anniversary party to which guests would bring gifts.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Follow these traditional wedding anniversary gift suggestions and choose the perfect gift for your loved one.

1st: paper
2nd: cotton
3rd: leather
4th: fruit and flower; linen
5th: wood
6th: sugar and sweet; iron
7th: wool; copper
8th: bronze and rubber
9th: pottery and willow
10th: tin; aluminum
11th: steel
12th: silk and fine linen
13th: lace
14th: ivory
15th: crystal
16th: peridot
17th: watch
18th: cat's eye
19th: aquamarine
20th: china
25th: silver
30th: pearls; ivory
35th: coral; jade
40th: rubies
45th: sapphires
50th: gold
55th: emeralds
60th: diamonds
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Follow these contemporary wedding anniversary gift suggestions and choose the perfect gift for your loved one.
1st: clocks
2nd: china
3rd: crystal; glass
4th: electrical appliances
5th: silverware
6th: wood
7th: desk sets
8th: linens; lace
9th: leather
10th: diamond jewelry
11th: fashion jewelry; accessories
12th: pearls; colored gems
13th: textiles; furs
14th: gold jewelry
15th: watches
16th: silver hollowware
17th: furniture
18th: porcelain
19th: bronze
20th: platinum
25th: sterling silver
30th: diamonds
35th: jade
40th: rubies
45th: sapphires
50th: gold
55th: emeralds
60th: diamonds


Some points are listed below for individuals, who consider the above discussed options very expensive:  
Take the couple’s suggestion, if planning to go for some painting stuffs, such that a valued art without wastage of cash is selected.  
Ensure the couple’s flavor while going for jewelry. Take the couple or some other person who knows the likes and dislikes of the couple.
Make sure the color scheme of the couple’s house before going for linen, lamps or drapes.  Color selections are to be made accordingly on a creative basis.

Confused person need not put the gift on the wedding day. Wait for all the gifts to be opened and make decision afterwards to avoid replication.  

Jewelry gifts are eternal and everlasting. There are varieties of jewelry items made of gold, platinum, diamond and pearl that can be gifted to couples. Furniture is also a good option.  Furniture made up of wood, iron and glass are readily available. Leather furniture is also a great choice.  Matching upholstery with the room décor is one more option.
A person has the right to choose a surprise for the couple. Mentioned above are a few guidelines just to get the idea of wedding gifts. Many a times, what happens is, the wedding gifts are repacked and given to other couple. This is because, the gift was not appropriate for that couple. So, ensure that this case does not happen with the gifts intended to be gifted to couples. Overall, the most precious gift a couple needs is the blessing from each and every guest.

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