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Bridal Shop Stories & Bridal shop question a bride should ask

Bridesmaid Dilemma

We had a party of 8 bridesmaids. The matron of honor is 8 months pregnant. The bride ordered 7 dresses from us & matching fabric to make the pregnant girls dress, since the style she chose won't work on her matron of honor, her sister. She hired her own seamstress to make the dress. Then they took it to a cleaners to be pressed. There were a couple of spots on it that they asked the cleaners to remove. The dress is iridescent taffeta. After the cleaners cleaned the dress TWICE, there were still spots & they pressed it with what looks to be a machine. It was not hand pressed. The mom called yesterday (Wed) & told us the dress is ruined. We had her bring it to the store so we could see it & determine if there was a way we could help her. When she arrived we realized the dress was in even worse shape than she had expressed. It is a limp little rag! We compared it to a dress for one of the other attendants that we hand pressed, ready to be picked up. The fabric on her seamstress made gown looks like the lining, that is how limp it is, the color almost looks different too, with all the cleaning. It is un-wearable! Our seamstress remade the dress for her by Friday using the fabric the other seamstress had left & a sample dress that we have in stock in the same color. The mother of the bride was thrilled.

The Wedding Place
Fort Wayne, IN

Bridesmaid Dress Saga
The size 16 bridesmaid was from out of town and did not get in for a fitting until the middle of June. The dresses were checked as soon as they arrived but spots weren't noticed until after her fitting.  The company gave an approval for the return.
This   is a 2 piece dress and I had to send both pieces, you know for dye lot. I sent the dress back on June 22nd. Last week called my rep and asked where the replacement was. She hadn't received the return yet (this is July). When I
told her I had my fed  ex receipt and would fax it to her, she decided to check and call back.
She claimed the box had been sitting on the dock. She would take care of it and have a replacment to me no later than Monday before the wedding. No dress,   she's sending messages to me daily that the dress went out that day dress. Thursday, we left word for her to call us with a tracking number in case something happened, no call. Friday morning, she claims the dress shipped but we would have to talk to someone in shipping and   she would not be in for an hour.
The rep was leaving to do a trunk show that morning. I called back and insisted on speaking to someone who could give me answers. We finally did get someone who told the truth. The dress never was shipped. I love living on the edge don't you?
It's Friday, the wedding is Saturday. No dress, Time is passing. Finally got the dress on a flight to Springfield coming in at 6:30. No, I decide to drive to St. Louis and pick it up at 2:40. Take my seamstress with me. Pray
for no cops and push 80.....until I hit construction. Get to the airport, no dress at the baggage claim. Go to air  cargo, no dress!......ready to kill anybody....... girl behind the counter had two speeds, slow and stop. NO
PACKAGE! I  spotted a box through the window, "THAT'S MINE!" Nobody bothered to tell me  they used a service and it was under...."SKY KING". Back in the car, the seamstress is getting car sick while working to baste the skirt. We arrive at the church after stopping at my store to pickup their tuxes.
The dress still needed to be let out.We take out as many seams as possible. 
We worked until 2:00 in the morning. The BM shows up at 10:00 in the morning everything fits perfect.

Diana's Bridal,
Springfield, IL

Rush Wedding
  My shop had only been open 2 weeks last Saturday, July 3rd,
when this happened.  I expected the day to be quiet due to the holiday.
At 10:05 a desperate bride came in and said she didn't have a dress for her wedding.   "When is it?" I asked hesitantly.  "At 3:00pm.
today!" She informed me.  Additionally it was a second wedding, the
dress had to be ivory, had to be a sheath, etc.  Well, fortunately she
was small, I had a dress she liked, and can do the alterations myself
I did one fitting and sent her off to her hair appointment.  While she was
gone I shortened, took in the sides, and shortened the shoulder straps of her
gown and made her a veil.  She left my shop at 2:20 pm. looking like a
million bucks and glowing and I finally had a reward for my hard work.

Hawaii Wedding Company Fine Bridals


Veil Saviors

A bride's mother thought that she would press out her daughter's veil a little the morning of the wedding.
And you know what occurred, she melted part of the veiling just before her daughter was getting dressed.
They called us and we looked up the headpiece that she bought, found some veiling in stock
and Tara then reworked the veiling including adding Velcro, pressed it and I delivered it to the bride within two hours after the phone call. Our brides cannot get service like that over the Internet,
non-inventory dealers or large chain stores.

Paul Delskey,
Bancroft Bridals,
Agawam, MA

Suite Delivery  Oahu wedding story

A bride was due to pick up her gown at 3:00 pm the day before her wedding. She wanted to drop it off at her hotel suite on her way to rehearsal dinner.
The hotel could not have her suite ready until after 5:00 and she could not get in.
We didn't want her or anyone in the wedding party to have to leave the rehearsal dinner, so we delivered the gown to her hotel room and even did a touch up pressing in the suite. I called her at the rehearsal dinner to leave a message that her gown was safe and sound
in her hotel room so that she could have a worry free evening and enjoy the dinner.


Make Grandma Happy

A grandmother of the bride was quite elderly and could not get around without considerable assistance.
We were able to find her a gown that we can modify to fit her comfortably
(she's in a wheelchair and required a little different fit).
Our Customer Service and Alterations manager is going to the woman's home to do the fittings because the grandmother feels more comfortable in her own home.

Katrina Friedt
Bridal Celebrations
Southington, CT

Seamstressí Disaster

A Bride, trying to save money, took her gown to a friend who was a seamstress.
The day before her wedding, in tears, the bride brought this dress to us.
Not only had the seamstress done a poor job on her dress, but her small son had taken a pair of scissors to the
skirt of the gown and cut several holes in it.
To make a long story short, by that evening we had her gown repaired and ready for her special day.

Pam Esslinger
Creating Memories Bridal
Bothell, WA

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